Gurt – Dried Yogurt Balls

In the days of their nomadic past, our grandmothers would make yogurt (gatyk) from milk, then strain the yogurt to make süzme and finally, dry the süzme into hard, sour balls known as gurt. Gurt was a resourceful solution to preserving dairy products and was crushed and used in place of yogurt in dishes like noodle soup. These marble-sized balls were also convenient as a on-the-go snack and could be eaten with a cup of tea. Essentially, gurt served a function similar to that of dried milk.

Gurt – Dried Yogurt Balls

600 g (2 cups) süzme
1 teaspoon salt

1. Add the salt to the süzme and mix well.

2. Take a tablespoon of the süzme and roll it between your palms into a ball. Arrange the balls on a tray.

3. Let the balls dry outside in the sun until rock-hard. Gurt is usually ready in 2 days if dried in the sun, or 5 days if dried in the house.

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  1. Dani

    I didn’t know this would be so easy. What was the traditional way of storing them after drying is complete?

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  3. ali

    i think this food have much more slat, and this is not good for health. is my opinion right?

    • ZZ

      These are salty, you’re right. That’s why you have eat in moderation. Too much of everything is always bad.

  4. mark

    How long can these last once they are dried?

    • One Turkmen Kitchen

      I’d say up to a year if stored in a cloth sack in a dry, cool place.

  5. isabella

    how do you make yoghurt balls please some one tell me

  6. rosemary nyoka

    This sounds interesting no refridgeration needed!!!!,
    I am wondering , how did the nomads make yogurt kindly provide me with a step by step process from the milk to the yogurt.

  7. Sussi

    If we live in a country that dont have sun,how can i dry them?

  8. rosemary nyoka

    In Zimbabwe, the common dairy product is naturally soured milk and I am wondering whether I can make the yogurt balls using naturally sour milk – i.e is a product made from whole milk left to sour in a warm temperature – room temperature, and the whey is drained off, leaving some thick clots of the coagulated milk. . Also my basic attempt showed that the balls will crumple as they whey off during drying, do you suggest using a binder, if so what kind of a binder. Will wheat flour do.

    • One Turkmen Kitchen

      Soured milk should work. I’m not sure why the balls crumble, perhaps try reducing the draining time so that your curds are moist when you start rolling into balls. I wouldn’t suggest using a binder.

  9. Noreen

    I belong to Pakistan and all of my childhood i had been eating it, its easily available there buti have moved to other city ages ago and its been so long eating it but now i am going to make some hygienic home made kurt or gurt whatever its call. Thanks for the share

  10. Evan

    Can you use a dehydrator instead of leaving out in the sun?

  11. Janet

    I’m gonna try this with my home made milk kefir…thank you

  12. Osama Mustafa

    why it tastes different sometimes though same milk is used ?

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