Gowurdak is mutton or beef that has been fried and preserved in its own rendered fat (tallow). In the days before refrigeration, gowurdak served the practical need to preserve meat for long periods of time. It is scooped out of the pot and eaten cold or warmed up with fried eggs and vegetables, or used as a base for other dishes.

Gowurdak (Mutton/Beef Preserved in Tallow)

For tallow
1 1/2 kg mutton or beef fat (from ribs or tail)
1 1/2 teaspoon salt
500 ml (2 cups) water

For gowurdak
3 kg mutton or beef
1 tablespoon salt

Before you start, follow the steps in the previous post on how to make tallow.

Cut the meat into large cubes and mix together with salt. In a pot, melt the tallow and add the meat. Fry, stirring occasionally, over high heat for 10 minutes, then reduce the heat to medium. Stir constantly when the meat begins to turn brown. When the oil bubbles, turn off the heat. Serve right away or ladle the meat and oil into an enamel pot to preserve. Gowurdak stored in a cool place will keep for several months.

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  1. Kara Yang

    Tüweleme, beter gowy site eken ) Gaýrat ediňiz!

  2. Alex

    Когда был стдудентом, (мясо дороговато в 4-5 раз дороже за границей) из дома целое ведро передали. Т.к говурд может долго хранится, оч удобно. Целый месяц растягивал удовольствие, готовить лень, а это только разогреть и смешать с картошкой или макаронами. На запах соседи сбегались, думали какой я повар вкусный 🙂

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